The support from local leadership and home office is way beyond what I have experienced with other employers.

We work together as a family. We always make things work.

The resident care is top notch. I love them all and there are times where you can really get to know them. I also love being with my fellow day CNA’S.

I feel like Linden Court is ‘home’ to me. The atmosphere is light and fun. People speak when we meet. It is a well-kept facility that even smells good. I feel like our residents are very special to us and us to them. I think this facility really meets its mission of providing ‘Dignity in Life.’ I hope I work here until I retire!

This is my first job after being a stay-at-home mom. I’ve felt more comfortable and confident to return to work than I thought possible because of the management and staff. I feel recognized for my skills, heard when I have questions and I’ve felt comfortable to learn every day. I’m grateful this is where I get to be as I re-enter the workforce.

There is a nice attitude when I come to work that is welcoming and an overall willingness to help each other out to get the goals met.

They are great at helping you work shifts that fit your life outside of work. They make it easier for me.

Linden Court is by far the nicest and best ran nursing home in North Platte. We provide the best care I have ever been apart of!

I have noticed that I can be myself and I have been accepted by everyone. I love being at work and know that if I’m having a bad day my coworkers help me through it.

Home Office support is tremendous. I can always count on them for guidance and support whether it’s related to a resident issue or a staff issue. They encourage the leadership team to exceed expectations and live the mission, vision, and values. I feel my opinion is valued within the facility and the company.

The management try to do fun or rewarding things for the staff and residents. We’re always involved in something new to keep the place lively.

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